Introducing cold storage

Viet An specializes in providing cold storage to serve the needs of facilities and enterprises domestic as well as abroad. Today, along with the development of science and technology, food technology sector also developed non-stop. Equipment support measured growth increasingly diversified. A new industry is concerned and that investment is preservation processing. It means the preservation of agricultural products; products that they created in the longest time and still retain the best quality.

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Optimal solution that manufacturers and businesses that option is installed cold storage for their businesses. Cold storage needs to ensure more technical criteria set out, to ensure hygiene and food safety; reasonable for the quality management standards that companies and businesses are applied for the purpose of keeping food in terms of quality assurance; quantity; both build trust and bring the best quality products to customers at the same time limiting the loss of unnecessary after the production process of the enterprise.

Introducing cold storage


Frozen storage warehouses are varied depending on the amount; the size and capacity of cold storage. However, cold storage is still taking some of the following technical criteria:


  • Cold storage ensures full electrical equipment cabinets, insulation, indoor … frozen warehouse that contains the protective equipment; alarms if something goes wrong; antifreeze devices…
  • Background, ceiling, walls are designed to avoid the impact of external factors and external forces. Particularly, the background of the cold storage must be made good bearing materialload of is large cargo volume. Cold storage Background can be made of concrete, reinforced coated PU Panel. Background, ceiling, walls of cold storage is smooth, easy to clean and easy to spot hazards. Most important is the background; ceilings ; the wall of frozen warehouse is waterproof.
  • Cold Storage with large yard to facilitate the transport and storage of goods.
  • Good insulation capacity, the majority of frozen warehouses are coated with PU Panel.
  • Having the rational system door. Usually cold storage doors and a small lot of doors. In the process of rotation, the use of small sized doors to minimize heat loss, prevent fuel loss and affect product quality.
  • Cold storage is installed drainage system according to a strict criteria. The flooding in the cold storage is extremely dangerous damage all products in the warehouse. Therefore, the need to equip a reasonable safe and effective water system.


Depending on the purpose and object storage which adjust the temperature in the cold storage as appropriate. Temperature in cold storage are maintained at stable temperature fluctuation amplitude is not too large.



Normally, a cold storage must first quality assurance standards are eligible and food safety. All food must be placed on the indoor unit, the minimum ground 40cm, 10cm from the wall. In cold storage does not appear any physical hazards, chemical, biological influence food quality in the preservation process.


Cold storage is infected humid, air from outside will spill into the through the door through insulation or vents making changes moisture content in cold storage, affecting the storage environment, which increases thermal pulsation in the warehouse, making food in the warehouse is cold damaged. What you should do is checking again Panel PU insulation, replace if it no longer works well, redesigned the ventilation doors to minimize the amount of outside air flows into the warehouse.

Phenomenon background frozen cold storage due to low temperatures. This causes inconvenience during transport and also causes instability in temperature warehouses. To avoid this, the installation of cold storage, should design of ventilation systems for the warehouse floor by the tubes and ventilation equipment or create space under the substrate. Or simplest methods is to use the background by resistance or drying with fan.

Cooler glaciation. These are issues be solved and overcome quickly because there is a huge influence on the quality of preservation and economic efficiency in the use of frozen warehouse. The frozen evaporator making the ability of the heat exchanger and cooling solvent evaporator to air in cold storage significantly reduced, longer cooling time, unstable temperature as well. Overcoming this situation you can dry electrically cooler, ventilation fans; use water for cold flushing; or exhaust cold by gas …

To ensure product quality in cold storage, you also need to arrange and distribute food in the warehouse scientifically ensure: avoid cross contamination (subdivision individual products, it is best to store a type of product in the warehouse). Exporting the previous imported products; then exported the late imported ones.

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